on a virtual machine

If you get stuck with the the steps above or if you only quickly want to play around with Babel2 without going through the hassle of installing Lisp, there is the option of running a completely pre-configured linux installation (with Lisp and Babel2) in a virtual machine. This might also be a good option for windows users as it gives them as hassle-free way of using Babel2 in a UNIX environment.

For that, download and install Oracle ​VirtualBox. Then download this virtual linux machine image and unpack the zip file. Start the Virtualbox application and click on Menu → File → Import Appliance and then select the Babel2Box.ova file from the unpacked archive. Follow the instructions for importing.

This virtual machine has everything installed like the linux installation. The username is babel2 and the password babel2 as well. If you launch emacs, CCL (lisp) will start and Babel2 will have been initialized. You are ready to start.